Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.
— Alphonse de Lamartine

While Marc grew up recording songs on cassette and being influenced by their musical genius father who played piano seemingly effortlessly all over Michigan, Illinois and California, Beth was busy studying classical violin and carpooling with the kids to the local youth symphony. It should only make sense that the two should meet to form Vox Cordis, a wonderful blend of Neoclassical World Music, Classical Guitar and Violin. From Celtic Folk Music, Near and Middle Eastern Music to Eric Satie, Vox Cordis Music will immerse you in a tour of spiritual, melodic and reflective sound. It's a journey worth traveling.


Marc Cornelius

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Marc started immersing himself in music as a child, usually playing his dad's Wurlitzer organ. In junior high and high school, he was an all around band geek, playing trombone in Marching band, orchestra and Jazz band. He often performed with his father at the Santa Clarita Valley Dixieland Jazz club, and even got to share a stage with Doc Severenson at a Los Angeles Dixieland jazz festival. 

Marc expanded to Keyboards, Flutes, Guitar and Bass Guitar, often playing and singing with his brother. It was Chris’ influence that steered Marc in the direction of New Age and World music, which expanded his expertise to the Turkish Baglama, Oud, Ney and Darbuka. Later on, Marc studied with teachers: Ergun Tamer, Naser Musa, Souhail Kaspar, John Belizikjian, Yair Dalal, Dr Scott Marcus and Omar Faruk Tekbilek, learning Turkish and Middle Eastern music. 

After two decades of devotion to world music, Marc returned to his roots in Western music and took up the Banjo, Blues Harmonica, Dobro then, finally, Classical Guitar. The stylings and flavor from all of these different forms of music can still be heard his approach of the Classical Guitar.  Marc’s Influences include: Ottmar Liebert, Shadowfax, Acoustic Alchemy, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Yair Dalal, Sheva, Martin Simpson and the works of Eric Satie. 

Beth Shemely

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Beth has been playing the Violin since she was nine years old. At the time, she would have rather played the saxophone, but due to the likely event of needing braces, Brass and Winds were out of the picture. So she settled.

Thus began a journey of studying under the prodigious instructor, John Svoboda, who noticed her quick determination and love for the instrument. He spent a few years teaching her mechanics. He also threw her into her first junior high symphony at the age of 10. 

During high school and college years Beth had performed with a variety of local orchestras, including while attending Valparaiso University, where she had received a music scholarship. She had studied with youth symphonies in Wheaton College in Illinois, the University of Illinois and in Michigan. Over the years, Beth received instruction from great violinists, including a former student of virtuoso Itzhak Perlman, who taught her Perlman’s specific bowing technique.

After moving to the west coast, Beth has been an active member of several orchestras, including the Santa Clarita Philharmonic, the Southland Symphony, the Symphony of the Canyons, and the Claremont Symphony Orchestra where she serves as principal 2nd. She is a firm believer that music programs and symphony performances are vital to all communities, and has volunteered on many levels to help bring this music to audiences everywhere. She has performed at the Getty, the Pasadena Museum of History and other local museums, renaissance faires and wineries, and has appeared in commercials, music videos, and studio recordings.

Beth is thrilled to have formed Vox Cordis with Marc.
The two have been able to create a sound which resonates with brilliant technique, interpretation and emotion.  

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Marc Cornelius - Classical Guitar     •     Beth Shemely - Violin

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